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At Encounter Church, we strive to raise up the next generation of worship leaders. The goal of this lesson program is not only to build you up as a musician and grow your talents and skills in whatever instrument or track you desire, but also to help you realize your potential as a worship leader and show you what true worship really is. Not only is worship a form of communication with the Father, but it is a lifestyle that should be lived by daily. Here at EC, our goal is to help you tap into your calling as a worship leader and build you up spiritually. 


This Fall Semester will start on September 16.


Each lesson will be comprised of a 30 minute once a week with a designated instructor, depending on the track you choose. Each lesson will cost $25, totaling in $200 for the semester (8 lessons). Payments MUST be made monthly or all at once at the beginning of the semester. (Special arrangements can be made if necessary)

We offer lessons for

Drum set



bass guitar


Registration for the Fall Semester is now open.

Click the link below to fill out your form.


Caleb King

Caleb studied Music Education at Lamar University with an emphasis in percussion. He has taught lessons at numerous schools throughout the area and Texas. He is a staff member at Encounter Church, where he serves as the Encounter Worship Music Director and oversees the lesson program.

Jacob Melancon

Jacob has been playing guitar and leading worship for over a decade now at numerous churches and church events. He is currently on staff at Encounter Church, and is a part of the Encounter Worship, and Next Gen Worship Band. 



For questions or concerns, please contact Caleb King

Cell: 903-340-5931

Work: 409-963-1158

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