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     Eran, his wife Julie and their family, Caleb & Jess, Emma, and Ellie currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. Eran has over 25 years of ministry experience having served in multiple ministry roles, including youth pastor, evangelist and leadership coach. Eran's passionate, creative, and relevant preaching has distinguished him as a prophetic voice and communicator in this generation. He speaks at churches, camps, retreats, conventions and conferences. Eran's passion is to inspire adults to become spiritual fathers and mothers who will raise up an army of students to lead their generation. In addition to serving as the director of Lead The Generation, Eran also serves on the leadership team for Allison Park Leadership Academy. APLA is based out of Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA.


     Manny Arango is a preacher, Bible nerd, and storyteller. He’s passionate about fighting for people who have lost their voice and lost their way. For the past 2 years, Manny has served as a Teaching Pastor at World Overcomers Christian Church - a multi-cultural megachurch in Durham, NC. Before that, he served as the Youth Pastor at World Overcomers from 2014-2019. Each year Manny speaks at more than 50 churches and conferences across the globe. He deeply values Biblical literacy and recently founded a training platform for people who want to understand the Bible for themselves. He graduated from Southeastern University with his Master’s degree and is currently in a doctoral program at Northern Seminary. Manny has been married to his loving wife Tia since 2014 and after several years of struggling with infertility, they had their first child in July of 2021.


     Raised on the border of the United States & Mexico, it was in no time at all until Chris found himself in a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, lust and trouble. Not understanding why his dad slept at one house & his mom slept at another, sent him on a search that landed him at church. It was here he was invited to youth camp in the summer of 1999. This is where everything changed; Chris received the gift of salvation, experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and was called into full-time ministry all in one night!

Chris Estrada is now a voice impacting generations. His roaring excitement and ability to address current issues with solid, life-changing truth makes him a dynamic communicator for everyone that hears him. He carries a mandate: to release courage & power into risk takers and dreamers who desire divine turn arounds. Chris passionately pursues ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ, developing leaders who want to transform society and consulting organizations to have a strategic & lasting influence. 

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